Tempest Hydrotherapy Spa

The Tempest's technology, reliability, energy efficiency and comprehensive warranty program will give you the ultimate peace of mind.

The Tempest

If you are looking for complete relaxation, the Tempest Luxury by cyclone Spas is an ideal accompaniment to your home. With seating for 5, featuring 2 reclined lounges and an additional hydrotherapy hot seat, the Tempest can soak away all your troubles.

Plate tempest

Tempest Relaxation

One of our most luxurious models it boasts to recline lounges and a hydrotherapy seat in its spacious 4 square meter design allowing you and for others to enjoy the pinnacle of comfort.


Controlled by an innovative i-touch control pad you'll have everything from temperature settings to timers lighting options music selections and more at your fingertips.

Soak Away Your Troubles

With seating for 5, featuring 2 reclined lounges and an additional hydrotherapy hot seat, the Tempest can soak away all your troubles.

Spas specifically designed and built for the Australian climate.

Just Spas Hydrotherapy And Exercise Systems are specifically designed and built for the Australian climate, using only the highest quality components sourced from the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


    Designed and built for the Australian climate to save on energy, reduce maintenance and extend the life of your spa.


    Peace of mind is choosing a spa designed with quality components built by an Australian Manufacturer with over 25 years of experience.


    Maintenance Free EternaWood Cabinet that is impervious to rot, mildew or vermin damage. The equipment base absorbs any vibration from the industrial grade pumps and provides easy access to all of the spa equipment.


    Superior conduction and incredibly long lasting Titanium Spa Heaters offer an energy saving. And unlike Teflon or Ceramic Coated heater elements, our titanium heaters utilise the most effective conducting material, not just a coating.


    This unique pump offers flow performance of up to 1,000 litres of water per minute (LPM), reliability and quiet operation for spas with multiple features and jets, providing the highest level of hydrotherapy and relaxation.


    Manufactured in Australia, the Award Winning ’TuffFrame™’ structure fits together with exact precision. Comprising of multiple injection moulded upright supports, joining the TuffBase™ to the spa shell.


    Our Spas and Swim Spas use a flexible PVC plumbing material designed for hot, chemically treated water. All of our Australian made spas carries a 5 year no leak guarantee.


    Vermin, snakes and rodents love the underside of spas as it is warm and dry. To repel unwanted visitors, all of spas feature a sealed, critter proof base and cabinet design.


    Just Spas manufactures approximately 70 different models of spas right here in Australia. All Signature, Cyclone and Leisurerite spas are manufactured in Australia using only quality components from around the world.

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